Tomorrow is Never Guaranteed

Two weeks ago, on August 25th, my father-in-law was involved in a serious car wreck. We had just seen him the day before, when my parents, who were down here from Canada to visit, had left to go to Charleston for a few days. My wife and I were sleeping in, enjoying the last day of our vacation, when we got the call and we drove the hour to see him in the ER. As things turned out, he had some bruising in his neck and was in A LOT of pain when we got there, but other than that he was OK.

I mention this because, as we learned more of what had happened, it turned out that things could have been a lot worse, and it is a miracle that he came away with only the injury to his neck. He had been forced to slow down, and then stop, by construction on the interstate. The tractor trailer travelling behind him, which was hauling steel blocks and for whatever reason didn’t stop in time, rear-ended him with sufficient force that his little Nissan truck went airborne into the car in front of him. The truck was a write-off, but when we saw it later in the day, instead of being a crunched accordion like I was expecting, you would have hardly known it was in that serious of a wreck just by looking at it. Now the frame was bent, the driver’s seat broke, and the radiator shot, but the point is it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed.

Psalm 139:16 (ESV) tells us, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Jesus knows the days we will have, and when our last day will be, but as I was reminded on the day a few weeks ago, we don’t know when that last day will come. We have no way of knowing when our last day will be. It may sound clichéd, but it’s true. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So that thing you’ve been meaning to do, that thing that’s been nagging you but you never seem to have time for, well, make the time. Make the time for your family and for the people you love. Make time for that thing you’ve always wanted to do but have always found excuses for. I can’t imagine getting to heaven some day and saying, “If only I’d had more time.”

And if you’re not a believer in Christ, don’t put it off another day. Look into the claims of Christ. Go to the Bible. Talk to a minister. Send me an email ( If you look into His claims and His message and still decide it’s not for you, that’s one thing, but don’t let it pass you by and risk your eternity simply because you feel you can’t make the time. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.


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