Transgender Day of Visiblity


So as I found out last night, yesterday was Transgender Day of Visibility. I hadn’t known this, and I wish I had. I think it’s a great idea. My own views on the LGBTQ community in general, and on trans people in particular, have changed largely through getting to know you on social media. Anything that gets you out there and gets your stories heard is a good thing.

There’s another aspect to it that also makes it a great idea, at least potentially. It’s an awesome opportunity for us as Christians to stand up and say to you as trans people, “We see you. You matter. You have value as you and for who you are.” Our God is the God who knows us fully. For us to show you that same love and affirmation is the least we can do.

That being said, when I found out how important yesterday was I went hunting through Facebook to see if we had done this at all. There were individuals here and there reachng out, with the odd church or two, but by and large we were silent. From my own denomination there were crickets. The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, and we couldn’t even say hi on a day like yesterday? (A quick Google search showed that this wasn’t just on Facebook, either.) That’s sad. It really is. We blew a huge opportunity to at least show a little respect.

This may be a day late and a dollar short, but from one Christian to any trans individuals reading this, I see you. You matter, you really do. You have value as you are right now. Period. Don’t let anyone else tell you different, especially those who claim the name of Christ.


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